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By John Highman

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Commercial real estate marketing today is quite special. When it comes to your exclusive listings, each one should be suitably packaged to reach the right target audience. Attracting enquiries in this market is really important .

You can never learn too much when it comes to commercial real estate marketing. Understanding how to package the right message about the listing will help you find the right buyers and tenants .

Each method of advertising and marketing should be optimized for the message that needs to be sent about the property. Every exclusive listing should be packaged using the best alternatives of promotion available in the following categories :

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Email newsletters – they should be sent to your database at least once every 2 weeks.
Dedicated property signboard – make certain that every good property has a great signboard specifically prepared that tells the story about the listing.
Internet listing – every property will be listed on the internet although you should have due regard for listing placement on the portals and the keywords that you use in the advert. You should also use professional photographs to attract good enquiry.
Social media – this is useful, although it is questionable as to how you can ‘sell’ or ‘lease’ a property using social media. In most cases the use of social media should be reserved for creating and connecting with a community of clients and prospects.
Newspaper advertising – this is still a way to promote property although its use is limited and usually costly.
Direct mail and brochures – they work well but you must follow up the things that you send out.
Cold call canvassing and database contact – keep in contact with all the people in your area. Keep the processes of contact active with new people. Build your relevance as a top agent in the local area can spread and grow.
The correct message about a property needs to be packaged and spread through the market. You are the person to do this and as part of that process, you should put yourself personally into the campaign. A good property listing gives you a reason to talk to many people. This simple process will create lots of leads and useful market intelligence .

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It should be said that the challenges of this property market should prevent you from listing and marketing a property that is overpriced. The first four or five weeks of any marketing campaign will shape the enquiry levels and responses. If the property is overpriced from the very start, you could very well shut the enquiry down on the listing. Invariably overpriced listings with unrealistic clients stay on the market for a very long time; they do nothing for your reputation as a top agent .

John Highman is a leading commercial real estate coach who has helped many commercial salespeople and agents around the World promote and grow their real estate business. You will find a full archive of helpful commercial real estate tips and strategies at http://www.commercial-realestate-training.com/

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