America, It Is a Real Tragedy With Weak Constitutional Bear Arms Freedom. Technology|Crafts|Jewelry !

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By Bakr Sindi

Out of my real heart and mind i express my deep condolence to all the families that lost their beloved kids.
The constitution of our nation is allowing Arms, Well that is ok but not ok at the same time.

Why? You make The Answers to the following:

1- Are we in a war inside America ?

2- How many years has it been for that bare arms article not been amended ?

3- How many shooting happenings have we had ? Now here, Kindly answer frankly !!!

Well, My dears America would like to do it more safer and nicer to live, but there is some thing stuck in the heads of our politicians that the founders of America put a law that nobody could do better !!

If that is so then why had we have so many amendments to so many things and Articles in the past ?
The founders of America are humans just like we are; aren’t they? if you answer yes then you agree with me that they make mistakes !

It is only him Allah(God) that is perfect and nobody else .

Then, it is time to ban all guns around the united states of America and around the world from civilians.
I know you would say ohhh!! how about self defense ? Well that is a simple question with simple answer !

You admitted that you need guns only for self defense, and not to harm anyone. Then my dear use the Trick and include it in the Constitution today before tomorrow .

Many of you now are requested politely to return the Guns to police offices or centers and get in a raw
to receive the trick instead ” this should be stated by Federals ”

Government is requested to provide a compensation of these live bullets Guns with stun Guns or rigid rubber Guns which if fired at even a lion would stun it or put it down with same number of bullets that would act exactly as the real. Suppose you have been attacked by some body, you pulled your gun, you shot him then what shoot another, he is down unconscious then what do i do? i watch, of course not .

I jump to him and i cuff his hands and bind his feet then i call the police direct. This way i saved everybody’s life and our whole world is safe and those people stating any other sayings i tell them for god sake look at the tragedies around you, can you return those lives again? except God as the only One who we worship can.

For America not that big change to the constitution except the phrase :
(( Freedom of well constructive speech, well known Religion and well stunning Arms ))

Once again My deep condolences to all the families in Connecticut .

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