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By Nick K Thomas

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Software development has evolved in recent years with the introduction of advanced software development methodologies and project management practices. These practices and methodologies help software firms in delivering the highest quality of service to their clients while maintaining a low overall cost of the project and still registering a substantial profit. In order to streamline the processes involved in software development, a Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC model was introduced .

An SDLC model arranges different processes of project development in form of a hierarchy, where each level of hierarchy has a target of its own. In the same model, one such level of hierarchy which verifies and validates the functionality of a software called as Testing is included .

With increasing business challenges and desire to gain competitive advantage, organizations tend to deliver the developed software in minimum amount of time, which eventually reduces the time slice for testing an application. Moreover, complex computing infrastructure demands for more accurate and precise test results in order to develop and deliver high quality software. To successfully yet rapidly accomplish the validation of a developed application, automation of processes is done to provide accurate results .

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Automation of functional testing provides various benefits during the testing phase, like :

· Faster Execution: Automation speeds up the process of performing the series of testing steps in order to check the functionality of the application. Moreover, more than one set of modules or components can be tested with automation which further assists in the completion of testing phase for complex and large projects .

· Great Test Coverage: Automating the procedure of testing for a software verifies the functionality to a deep level as compared to manual analysis. It covers a wide range of test scenarios and test cases to execute upon a software in order to check its functionality and to project a more comprehensive overview of the given functionality .

· Accurate Results: Functionality test automation generates more accurate results as compared to the tests performed with human efforts. The execution steps or scripts are hard coded into the automating tool and all the instructions are executed without any error. This creates a more accurate output report about testing in minimum amount of time .

· Data Value Parameterization: A variety of data values can be entered by the tester into the test cycle during the testing process. This eliminates the need to execute the whole testing cycle repetitively for each input .

However, manual testing cannot be neglected as automation cannot evaluate the logic behind the test case, something that is best performed by a human. Automation testing is deployed where a variety or set of test cases need to be executed recursively with change in the input values or little change in the test script. It cannot be a substitute of manual testing as situations may arise wherein the whole logic of a test needs to be reframed for verification of a separate functionality .

A perfect combination of manual as well as automated testing in an organization helps it in optimizing its resources in the most effective manner and ensures delivery of a quality product with proper error rectification .

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Nick Thomas is the author of this article. He has been writing articles for various software development companies like Q3 technologies. Moreover, he has been providing useful content writing material related to windows mobile application .

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