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By AM Sabirul Islam & Bakur Sindy



Although boxing exists since the ancient Greeks ruled the world but legends have emerged recently. In the early times two people would sit face to face and fight till one died or collapsed and one survived .

Gradually boxing became more civilized and people started wearing gloves and protective guards and rules as knockout were put in place. If you look into the boxing history there is little account of the game in ancient books describing of any type of international tournaments .

Mohammad Ali, crowned as the sportsman of the century by BBC in 1999, is undoubtedly the best boxer the ring has ever seen. Originally knows as Cassius Clay Mohammad Ali won the light heavyweight boxing gold medal in 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome .

Muhammad Ali OR Mohammad Ali inspired all Nation’s around the World of any minority that they can prove themselves under all circumstances. He shows how great Islam is and he shows how great America is that embraced him as a Muslim Champion. Mohammad Ali visited Makkah, the city of Islam Source several times and he was received by top Officials of Islam .















Later went on to win 56 of 61 professional fights during his boxing career. In 1964 Mohammad Ali was crowned heavyweight champion after beating Sonny Liston in Miami Beach. Ali was defeated by his match in 1970 by Joe Frazier in the 15 round and lost his title .

In 1974 he regained his title after an awesome boxing match against George Foreman. Ali won his third and final crown in 1978 against Leon Spinks .

The great boxer joined the Nation of Islam in 1964 and embraced Islam in 1975. He was refused by US Military based on his religious belief and his opposition to Vietnam War in 1967. Soon after he was found guilty of draft evasion charges and was stripped of his title and banned from boxing ring. He later rejoined boxing after his appealed won the Supreme Court four years later .

Mohammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease and had to retire permanently from boxing shortly after his fight with Leon Spinks in 1982. Mohammad Ali also made his name in his campaign for cause helping developing countries all around the world to establish human rights. The legendary boxer’s legend lives on till his funeral day and forever as the best pound to pound boxer the ring has ever seen .

The World had lost the Boxing Legend on the 10th of June, 2016. The Whole World expresses its warmth and deepest condolences to his family, Louisville-Kentucky, America and the World. We are to God ” Allah ” Almighty and to him we return. May Allah almighty house him in his Wide Heavens and inspire his family and relatives with patience and solace .

Moreover, We the Muslims believe that the Doors of heavens are open and the doors of hell are closed in Ramadan. Whoever Allah ” God ” almighty writes for him to die in Ramadan and that he is on a good faith of Islam that he is going direct to heaven. Mohammad Ali funeral was held on the 5th of Ramadan, 1437 Hijra, Which means he died in Ramadan which in turn means higher heavens God willing .

Probably another pound to pound boxer worth mentioning is Floyd Mayweather. Born in 1977 Mayweather was termed as the best pound to pound boxer by the Ring magazine. Mayweather amazingly won nine boxing championships in five different boxing weight classes. He stands as undefeated with 41 wins of which 25 by knockout up to 2010 statistics only and is considered as one of the best boxers of all times. Mayweather during his professional career went to win various titles making him termed as the number one pound to pound boxer by BoxRec and BBC Sports .

Its amazing how much a person gets to learn over the years. Its like every day there is something new that directly affects you that you did not know, or knew little of .

This great champion Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay was truthful to himself and to Allah almighty, This way he had all people around the globe intuitively loving him from first sight, he hit an example of high class Muslim in Morals, Patience, Tenacity and Modesty .

In this Occasion I am Bakur Sindy grasping the chance to state and confirm to all mankind around the globe that real and right Islam is the religion that goes along with all people anywhere, anytime and inspires them to reach to any peak and that Islam is not to be accused for any terror act by some cluster claiming that they are Muslims. Neither can you indict any Islamic Nation by the act of a tiny gang claiming that they are Muslims. Islam is a non-dividable Element from the American society and the international community .

Here is a look at the Champion’s Funeral :