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Expert Author Lisa Rob

The elegance and glamour of classic cars have been a source of fascination for people around the world for years. Who could resist the curve of a wheel arch, the smooth lines of beautiful bonnet, or the roar of an engine? The beauty and power of these vehicles is simply intoxicating: small wonder, therefore, that they have garnered such a following over the last two decades .

The preponderance of motoring fairs and membership clubs indicates that their popularity is steadily increasing. This may come as a surprise to some, given our ‘austere’ times, but when you consider the investment potential of these vehicles, their rising popularity becomes somewhat less surprising. For many, investing in a vintage motor car is on a par with investing in stocks and shares, fine wines or art. The rarer a commodity, the more value it generates. And this certainly applies to vintage cars. Manufacturing limitations, repair restrictions and the simple progress of time means that some of the truly iconic cars of yesteryear are now – quite literally – an endangered species .

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But is money the only attraction when it comes to vintage cars? Or is there something deeper and more emotional that attracts the seasoned collector ?


To many, their true value lies in their history and heritage rather than in their financial value. The most sought-after models are those that were owned by the celebrities of the day: the film stars, debutantes and royalty who enjoyed the speed and beauty of their cars, and lived out their romantic and professional lives through these vehicles. The fact is, one can often chart the lives of these people through their possessions – and, in particular, through their cars. The places they visited, the company they kept, the deals that were brokered and the romances that occurred were often played out against the backdrop of their four-wheeled pride and joy. Small wonder, then, that many of us lust after a slice of that. Owning a vehicle that has belonged to someone we admire is infinitely more interesting than reading a biography – and it’s also considerably more revealing. Their choice of make, model, colour and trim offers an incredible insight into their personality – in the same way as does their choice of shoes, clothes, houses or lovers. It’s an exciting glimpse inside a fabulous, glamorous world that most of us can only aspire to – and what a treat it is to be ‘on the inside’, and to actually own a piece of their lives .


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There can be no doubt that collecting and owning a beautiful car from a bygone era is an intriguing and rewarding pastime – and one that will generate a fascinating insight into the heroes and heroines of yesteryear .

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