Discover the benefits of “more”, This is part of Real Food Technology.

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Article by Bernardus Diedericks.

Explore the benefits of “more” , This is part of Real Food Technology – Health – Supplements and Vitamins.

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“More” is a product category in optimal health from an American public research and development company.

Everyone needs “more”. The role played by more in the human body is to help the body to optimal health. More is of great importance for the human body as it support your body to have a healthy endocrine system which provide the body with a full range of hormones that can regulate your cells and organs.

The “Plus” caplets do not contain hormones, but rather provide your body with nutrients that help support the endocrine system in the form of actual food supplementation technology to function normally.


Many use some drugs that have side effects. What I am suggesting that people are to be completed with Real Food technology that give people what their bodies need in conjunction with their medication. You must be supervised by a qualified doctor and a period of time, you may find that your medication is reduced or, in some cases, you might perhaps not need to take more drugs than your body regulates its -self through proper nutrition. For my mother, her medication had to be significantly reduced over a period of two years. She is diabetic and had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and suffered his body to retain water wort because of his kidneys that do not work like they should work. It showed an overall improvement in all areas mentioned above using the Real Food Technology.

Food Technology

Real is not a cure or treatment for anything specific or disease, it provides the body with essential nutrients missing from our diet to help your body physiologically that it needs to heal his car. The ingredients of “More” play an important role not only in health of the endocrine system, but also in bone health, colon, breast and prostate cancer and in immune system function, the nervous and cardiovascular systems. You can see that this is not any type of product, but rather part of an optimal health program in the sense that many areas of your health benefit of taking ” more “. Real Food This technology is validated in science and have the NSF (National Science Foundation) seal of approval.

The company adheres to all applicable good manufacturing practices abroad. The company has a $ 50 million lab where they do their research and development and quality control. When referred to standardized and stabilized, it is quite a sense of great significance that each tablet in the container is the same and the ingredients are active molecules for your maximum benefit. This company owns the patents for the stabilization of their products making their exclusive products. Their technology can not be obtained directly. society and society to send their clients’ homes around the world.

To summarize: “More” is a herbal – amino acid supplement that promotes optimal health endocrine system. There are 90 capsules in a sealed container. The amount a person consumes on a daily basis is three tablets per day to be taken with a caplet 8fl.oz. water or juice three times a day.

About the Author Helping, Bernardus DiedericksMLM, Click and do your own research as part of supplementation than based on science with the scientific validation and part of Real Food Technology.

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Bernardus Diedericks

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