Do you know the advanced technology of Callaway Golf?

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Article by Noonka.

Do you know the advanced technology of Callaway Golf? – Sports – Golf.

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With people increasingly play golf, golf becomes a popular sport that you can not stop. Golf is a game of integrity and reputation, risk and reward, leaders and supporters. The name Callaway nearly three decades of authentic golf equipment performance and hard-won trust of golfers like you

Since 1982, Callaway has developed a more advanced technology of the game with one goal in mind: winning performance for you. Do you know the technology, and which club to use these technologies?

First, Fusion Technology uses multi-metals, the combination of a stainless steel body and sole with metal injection molded (MIM), high-density weights to maximize perimeter weighting for greater inertia (MOI) with an optimized center of gravity (CG). The result is high, strong trajectories that fly farther and land softer. For example, the FT-iZ driver use this technology to ensure the Fusion optimal combination of performance and feel with gorgeous looks. Weight distribution is the low center of gravity in the clubhead for mixing ball speed and spin control with a high, long ball flight and again. In addition, Callaway have updated their own fusion technology to create the longest fairway wood straight and they never produced.

Second, VFT Technology which is a new, aggressive promotion of our VFT technology provides a proven ball speeds across the entire face. This means that hotter distance with more consistency. As Callaway FT Fairway Wood usesVFT-iZ Technology to create hotter ball speed for increased distance. Fusion Technology utilizes multiple materials that allow for the placement of extreme weight to ensure the optimum combination of performance and feel with gorgeous looks.

I think you should have received these two key technologies of Callaway, right? because there are most Callaway golf clubs have used both technologies, such as Callaway FT-iZ Hybrid, which uses both fusion technology and technology VFT. one hand, Fusion Technology combines a stainless steel body and sole with metal injection molded high density weight in order to maximize perimeter weighting and produce tracks, forts that fly farther and land softer. On the other hand, the VFT technology creates higher ball speed across the face, which means the distance hot with a strong coherence.

Do you know why most of Callaway Golf to use these technologies? To provide golfers of any distance, accuracy and versatility that they could never have, Callaway engineers integrated Advanced Technology Fusion in their design of the most forgiving clubs ever. And VFT technology creates high speed of the ball, which means hot distance with more consistency.

After reading this, you can get more information about Callaway Golf, and next time I will share with other big new golf equipment, such as Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, Taylormade.

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