How To Be A Millionaire: Mindset

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By Stan Nelson.
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Expert Author Stan Nelson .

Should you have a keen interest in this subject matter it will be obvious to you that an ever increasing search engine term these days are: ‘How To Be A Millionaire!’ I, like many others I’m sure have had an interest in the accumulation of personal wealth for longer than I care to remember but it has never been the most precious asset I wish to attain in my life…

My most precious life assets are:

1. Supreme fitness
2. Admiration for my mother
3. Appreciation for my children
4. Gratitude for my family
5. Joy for my circle of friends
6. Loads of Cash

I reckon we all have our values in life but I would hazard a guess that most people would have a compilation of at least 3 of the above 6. This is one of those no right or wrong answers here just one man’s priority of preference and I am sure you may have a slightly or for that matter hugely different outlook.

At this stage I would like to touch ever so briefly on what I call the Bad Block. You may call it a hurdle and most probably will refer to it as; ‘A stumbling Block’. In essence that little person who whispers sweet nothings in our ear – and I mean nothings as they deliver to us no joy or returns… You know the type of thing coming from well meaning individuals such as:

Money doesn’t’ grow on trees
The only people who have a lot of money have coned a lot of people
Money is the root of all evil…

The list goes on but I’m sure you get the idea. These and other affirmations, behaviors and attitudes towards success and achievement have become logged and buried in our subconscious minds laying in wait to sabotage any attempt we make to break free from these limiting belief. But, break away you must at all cost if you are to ever fulfill your potential to achieve the life that Dreams are made of…

What makes things even more worrying is that all of this in doctrine doesn’t only come from your youth. Think about the news lately, you will notice it’s always on the darker side of the moon… They have an appetite to broadcast violence, negativity and lack of growth and opportunity. As though they were wishing to protect us from our ambitions. Convincing us that we should count ourselves extremely fortunate if we managed to keep our J.O.B!

OK Stanley I get it but what has all this got to do with me attaining wealth… I mean that’s why I am reading your article in the first place.

I will attempt to keep this short and sweet in order to get the point across.. It has everything to do with you attaining wealth as if you listen to the news you will be bombarded with the so called facts. But not necessarily the truth. You will then think like the other 90% of the population whom know all the facts and control only 10% off the Worlds wealth, while those whom don’t think like the majority of the population therefore staying in total contact with their creativity and implementation (the so called 10%ers) clean up and make 90% of the wealth!

So, here’s the big question; What would represent wealth to you? It’s not automatically viewed as being a multi millionaire year in year out… I guess some people would be happy with a little business that took up approx 14-20 per week and returns of say $60,000 after taxes and deductions may feel a real sense of abundance. I would hazard a guess someone with a salary of say $75,000 working on average 12-14 hour days and 6 days a week would not have the same feeling of abundance in my view.

Then there are the super ambitious whom feel anyone using the word Wealthy or rich earning less that 7 or even 8 figures is insulting the integrity of Financially Successful people!

Here my friend you get to decide what it would take for you to be in that special place of controlling your leisure time and activities, with the people you enjoy to be around and let’s hope they in turn enjoy your company too!

A: Now, think about the income you would need to generate in order to live that lifestyle of Dreams I mentioned earlier
B: What kind of – if any – mindset shift would be needed to set you on the path to prosperity
C: What effort, time and commitment would you be willing to schedule for the manifestation of such a lifestyle

I thank you most kindly for taking precious time from your day to read my piece and let me leave you with something I was reading recently myself below:

It is reported that people amassing personal fortunes and becoming rich i.e maybe breaking into the millionaires club (no particular club reference) is on the increase 7 fold! Now, you have to take a moment to put this into context and remember this is supposed to be a period of austerity! Needless to say I didn’t hear this on my local TV news channel!

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