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By Avneet Bhatia
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Expert Author Avneet Bhatia

Machine sub-contracting is essentially hiring a professional engineer or machine expert to service or improve one’s existing machine. Over the years machines have formed an important part of most peoples’ lives and an improperly working or inefficient machine can be very inconveniencing. With this demand, a growing number of entrepreneurial engineers and machine contractors have flooded the market with raring reviews and adverts about their skills and capabilities in the media. This makes it quite difficult for an ordinary person with no machine background to identify the most suitable candidate for their particular project. However by using the following easy steps one can easily identify the most suitable profession without falling into the common pitfalls .

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The first characteristic that one should always look out for is if their professional of choice has ever worked on a project similar to their particular project. In most cases professionals work on a wide range of machines and they may or may not have encountered a machine with the exact specifications as the one at hand. To determine their particular credentials in such a case it is important to evaluate their skills listed on their profile mostly on their website and see if they have experience closely matching what one is looking for .

Moreover one should always determine whether the skills listed on the professional’s profile are really realistic or whether they fit one’s agenda. To do this it is important to have a face to face or a live chat meeting with them before contracting their services. By doing this one can have a firsthand feeling of what kind of a person they are actually dealing with. Further one can clearly explain their vision and ask any relevant questions during this meeting which will definitively help in the smooth completion of the particular project. However, if one is not in a position to meet with their chosen professional as is the case in most outsourcing scenarios, they can find out the same information through previous customers testimonials and reviews. When it comes to reviewing existing testimonials one should always ensure that they directly contact these former customers if possible to fully ascertain the legitimacy of the reviews .

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Other steps that can go a long way in ensuring that one actually gets their money’s worth while machine sub-contracting include checking out the professional’s credentials and reputation. Given the high demand of the machine sub-contracting services there has been an increase in the number of unscrupulous so called experts in this field. In most cases these experts have little or no background experience in engineering or machine servicing of any kind and their profiles are generally an exaggeration or an outright lie. However to identify the legit professionals from the rest one should check out their credentials from any professional and government agencies responsible for registering them. Alternatively one can ensure that they carefully examine all the academic and professional qualifications presented by a professional to ensure that they can handle the tasks given .

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