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Hubei Provincial Science and Information Sharing Technology Service Tender Notice Platform – Informa – Business.

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602 , 1836 quot program letter of demand Province Hubei central government purchases of information in science and technology in Hubei province has commissioned the Institute to open quot Way deals in Hubei Province Science and information sharing technology platform quot project development at the provincial procurement invited to attend the qualified supplier of a sealed bid tender document code EZC 2008 ZX157 2 Project Name Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Information Sharing Service Platform form of tender to three content portal project The main platform WEB System development software will use NET or JAVA technology combined with data mining techniques, virtual proxy technology and other features essential for the development Site and platform customization of application software for the functional integration of resources based on demand and construction in a document retrieval service unified resource user navigation of portal management discipline industry value-added information technology services such as information integration eight-part science and technology platform for information sharing will mainly focus on the eighth part of the functional development of four providers tenders basic needs a supplier tender should have the quot quot government procurement law the relevant conditions of Article 2 2 vendors bidding must be registered in the People’s Republic of China and get a license legally independent business person and the capital of 1 million yuan or more legitimate commercial vendors bidding must have been 3 issued by the competent State authorities quot quot Software Enterprise Certificate 4 auction provider must have the last three years of software development projects independent, with similar results 5 suppliers to bid on the basis of Wuhan in Wuhan or have branches or offices in Hong Kong supplier offers 6 should provide jobs domestic goods and services 5 of the implementation period and location 1 Implementation of the location of Hubei Science and Information Technology Research Institute 2 Duration of the contract requirements within three months from the date of completion of the application of the first two months to complete the research and development of two months after the test run 6 Release date and price of tender documents Juin Beijing July 18, 2008 began in late 4 2008 17 24:00 8 30 11 30 pm every day when 14 30 17 30 pm except holidays at home to demonstrate relevant skills, including Business license tax registration certificate of organization code certificate of qualification certificate relevant legal representative of authority similar to the original contract of the project and other suppliers can prove that the tender are eligible to tender, etc. Information and sealed copy Hubei provincial centers qualifying purchases government after the passage of the qualifying examination can buy items for submission of bid document price 300 yuan this mail please contact by fax with the shipping supply 50 RMB per set 7 times the bid closing and opening time 2008 7 10 August 30 morning Beijing time invited tenders July 10, 2008 9: 30 pm Beijing time deadline for submission of Deals of the deadline of opening shall be the period of late delivery of tender documents will not be accepted 8 the location and opening of tender documents to the Wuhan site Northern 28 The fifth floor of the Hubei Provincial Center Procurement Office opened 512 Postal Code 430071 Phone 027 87236982 Fax 027 87238043 Contact Yan Minghui 9 security units bid and the next bank accounts export receivables Recipient Hubei Provincial Government procurement Bank Centre Wuchang Wuhan rural credit cooperatives operating in the branch of the Ministry of Northern Open 839 line number 148 only use the same city revenues down account number 200638256410015 Field row Wire 402 521 006 015 10 from the project site information relevant government web Hubei markets network http www gov cn CCGP Hubei Government Center Procurement of Hubei Province.

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