Solutions based on information and technology

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Many teachers and professors are looking for the magic touch of technology to implement in their classroom experience. They review many software titles, read on the latest technology and, at conferences, and generally get very involved and immersed in research on products that are available to them they could use in their classroom or school. Some companies will tell them there is an excellent solution to their computing needs, involving complex systems and high costs.

Sometimes, contractors or consultants are required to propose a solution, usually suggesting the technology of their organization is going to sell. School IT managers how to read the information technology workers will be the workers of the future, and that without this type of learning, learners will slip and fall behind the technology workers in other parts of the world.

As we speak, India intends to spend in the U.S. among graduates with higher degrees who can do the job cheaper and faster than their counterparts américains.Les administrators

see these signs and to worry that they need to implement a solution similar to a school or college peer, in order to maintain the number of students or improved levels. But what is the right solution, the right approach to exploit the technology in the classroom? The correct approach should focus on information, not technology. A little explanation: What is the purpose of bringing technology into the classroom? Is it simply to say “We use today’s technology day in our learning environment”?

Is it a mandate to meet a specified number of computers or pieces of equipment by the student or the student? Almost always, these reasons are not enough to give students the skills of information technology. The reason should be to provide information to students and teachers, using the best information technology to achieve this goal. Technology changes very quickly, but the information it provides is timeless. Whatever the solution chosen, it should support learning, not necessarily be learning. The technology solution should provide the means of learning for students, it must be flexible and robust, and not interfere with classroom learning.

For the same reason, when choosing a vendor, performer, consultant or contractor, they must understand these basic facts also, and be encouraged to work with the school or educational institution enough to achieve the objective of enabling a rich learning environment. The best solutions information technology are those who focus on information, with technology-oriented supply.

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