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Expert Author Ahmad Muhammed

Not too long I received a visit by a couple of Mormon missionaries, and after having talked with them briefly; I closed the door only to answer it sometime later to a pair of Baptists missionaries inviting me to church. While some may find these visits an annoyance, I welcome them. It gives me the opportunities to not only hear the ideas, and values other faiths represent; but also share my own. I regard peoples’ faith an important aspect of their lives, and feel it is important to share them, even if we, or others disagree with them considering them wrong. Like other religions, Islam as its own unique outlook on spirituality and how it effects the everyday life of Muslims .

The Natural spirituality of Islam

The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is reported to have said; ” Every child is born with a true faith (i.e. to worship none but Allâh Alone – fitrah) but his parents convert him to Judaism or to Christianity or to Magainism, as an animal delivers a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated ? ”

In Islam, we believe everyone is born Muslim. This innate spiritual awareness is called fitrah. In other words every child is born with the innate nature to submit to the Commands of its Creator; and that it is the upbringing of the child that converts it to the religion of his/her parents. Islam takes a radically different view towards spirituality than other faiths, and ideologies it doesn’t separate the secular from the spiritual. Rather, Islam infuses every aspect of mans’ worldly life with the spark of spirituality .

Man as a Khalifa (Authority) on Earth .

“And (mention, O Muhammed), when your Lord said to the angels, ‘Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority.’ They (the angels) said, ‘Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?’ He (Allah) said, ‘Indeed, I know that which you do not know.'” (HQ 2:30)

Allah in the Qur’an gives us an aspect of our creation, and purpose in this world. We were created unique and specifically for the role of being an authority in the earth. A look at the world around us, and at the makeup of our own bodies would give any thinking individual ample evidence of this claim of the Qur’an. The question of the angels, ‘Will you place upon it one who causes corruption… ‘ refers to mans’ will, or his ability to differentiate between good and evil. Elsewhere in the Qur’an, we find Allah referring to this unique ability of man .

” And (by) the soul and He who proportioned it – and inspired it (with discernment of) wickedness and its righteousness,… ” (HQ 90:7,8)

Of course, the unique position of ours comes with obligations, just as with any position of authority. We were not left to live in the world and do whatever pleases us as animals do. On the other hand, we also weren’t created to go to the other extreme of locking our selves in a room seeking to separate ourselves from the world. Rather, the Muslim lives his life just as fully as the secular man, with this difference. Everything he does, he does for the pleasure of Allah. Whether he is amongst friends, family, or in the workplace; the Muslim lives with the knowledge that Allah is All Aware, and sees his actions as well as knows his inner thoughts. He thus ends up living a more disciplined life, at peace with the world around him regardless of the circumstances .

The Road to Spirituality and the development of faith

“And in the creation (of yourselves) and the moving creatures that are spread (through the earth), are Signs for those of firm Faith.”

In a conversation with someone on the bus, I was asked, ” I have a friend who is atheist, but I believe in God, how do I convince them of God’s existence.” The question gave me a moment to pause, how could there be a doubt about Allah? After a moment, I addressed her question by calling to her attention to the beauty of Allah’s creation that we could see from the windows of the bus. The majesty and beauty of Mount Rainer, and the beauty of the landscape that surrounding it. The myriad of creatures, and the variety in our own race, culture and physical looks. Is there a doubt about the existence of God? Islam structures the Muslim’s life with this practical view of faith. Where the individual person then establishes a relationship with Allah, finding peace and tranquility with the world around him .









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