Stressful Relationships – 3 Keys for Understanding and Reducing Stress in Building Relationships & General Remedy

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By Ellen R. Norman & Bakr Sindi
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Expert Author Ellen R. Norman

Do not worry if you do not click with someone.

You cannot be all things to all people. There are personality differences, philosophy differences, life goal differences, and those elusive gut feelings that cause you to not relate to a person. However, here are some ideas to help you reduce stress in your relationships.

Stressful feelings happen in a relationship very often, even though there are no ill feelings between you. Indeed, there is politeness and respect, but you just do not hit it off with the other person.

Your understanding of each other, your senses of humor, your styles of communicating feel out of balance and uncomfortable to you.

These are usually people you are thrown together with by circumstance rather than choice, for instance a coworker, a roommate, or an in-law.

Do not let it distress you. Although the common ideas are that most people take relationships for granted, seem to think that people are disposable and quantity of friends is more important than quality.

First: there is no stress in the fact that you should take each relationship seriously and make them important. The work involved to do this can be stressful sometimes.

Being the catalyst for a good relationship is your key to the growth of the relationship. Being a good, trusted friend, yourself is the first step.

Second: knowing that you really cannot change someone else is the next key to a better relationship. If you can accept the person the way they are you are on the road to a good relationship, if not then, stay neutral and detach. Do not waste any more precious energy on some one you are not comfortable with.

Third: some people are just on what seems to be different wavelength and you feel that a comfortable relationship with that person in not in the cards.

So do not force it. Just relax and try to make the best of your interactions with each other.

Perhaps not spending a lot of time with this person will ease the stress a bit and minimal polite conversation will be enough to keep things civilized.

Bonus: eventually you may find some common ground or shared experiences to bring you both closer together this applies to an in-law or roommate.

There is always the chance of both of you maturing into a more comfortable relationship or that the other person realizes it is their responsibility to do some changing.

Allowing the natural flow of things to happen is truly the best natural method to stress management.

Ellen R Norman is an expert in stress management using natural solutions.
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General Remedy by bakr sindi; Well, hello again everybody. All my respect to Miss Ellen, but I got the feelings that we have a very serious issue regarding Stress. In Islam, there is no such an issue except these extremists in any religion or any nation. Islam way of of life is a rotation of annual and daily life which really kills this stress. The Muslim really doesn’t have this feeling, he is ordered to Pray Five times a day “Exceptions included”, Fast from dawn to sunset for one Month “Exceptions included”, Perform all other three remaining Pillars “Exceptions included in two” and recite Qur’an whenever there is a chance. Now, this reading or recitation of Qur’an along with the performance of the Five Pillars “Five Corners” of Islam have the Precious Secrets of taking not only Stress away, but also other psychological Diseases that we are not aware of, because there are Verses or Scripts in Qur’an such as the Verse of the Chair “Aayat al-kursey” and Others sponsoring of taking psychological Illness away.

Moreover, Tradition of Prophet Mohammad “peace be upon him along with all other prophets” also has a very useful Prayer that once recited at Day and Night time, it is sponsoring of taking Stress a way. In conclusion, Islam is rich of so many Secrets that even not too many Muslims know. But, the Major Secret here, is Qur’an in general. What miss Ellen is stating here really is limited to some Science made by Mankind, But the real Science is the one that is made by the one who created Mankind. My Speech here is not against any other religion or morals or science, but it is the inclusive coverage of all Sciences, because the Father of all Prophets “Ibrahim peace be upon him” was Muslim.

As a result, Stress is never there, because God gave and God “the almighty” took. We are only a cause and nothing else. My Major Advice is never be sorry for the past of whatsoever and never be happy of what you have “Verse in Qur’an”, but ask God “the almighty” to always keep your happiness. Thus, there is a general saying stating that if it doesn’t come then say it never was. One Wife or Girlfriend goes
“it should be Wife as per Islam”, a Hundred come. One Million “Funds” loss or more or less, Hundreds of Millions come. Those days we exchange among people “Qur’an Verse”, If not in this life then God wills “insha’ Allah” in the Afterlife. But, watch out for doing the same mistake again. Please Read Qur’an in any Language, it is at Google Search in the upper right corner of this Website or also at any search or also in Wikipedia. Further, In English, I see clearquran as one of the best.

Life never stops for any reason, Except if ordered by Almighty Allah – please keep this in Mind, we are the ones whom always in a hassle because of our sins.