Techmeme founder support said that new technology has secret rules

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Article by Angel.

Techmeme founder support said that new technology has secret rules – Business.

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Beijing time on November 1 News, new technologies and founder famous American blog site Techmeme polymerization Gabriel Rivera· (Gabe Rivera) reveals a lot about Techmeme included new standards, and emphasizes the writing of new technologies when the right path and malpractice.

(Note: writing this article mentioned “secret” does not apply only for new technologies Techmeme, but also for all the tech news writers, editors, polymerization that website has important reference value. In addition, the ordinary reader can also understand this article through science and new technologies in the “learning” behind, and reading the news when one meditate and reflect).

Almost every major newspaper publishers have requested that we kind of question: ” Why did you send messages, and do not send or” the same thing, why we primarily on the article, but you have chosen theirs? “. So, it is perhaps time to explain the problem. If you are not writing new science to make a living, then you can skip the following content;but, if you’re eating the rice, please continue on reading.

If you want to understand the selection criteria of Techmeme. article, the first to realize our goal, namely: a page on the new web technologies and focus on the most recent major comments. We hope to be the attention of industry trends necessary site, whether they are investors, engineers, contractors, management or technology enthusiasts.

We focus on the content of science and technology news site more widely than most: both hardware and software, the two characters also have products, but also including industry events, trend, creative society, politics and culture. But, our covers a wide not too wide, “science and technology” is not for us, including biological technology or green technology; We will not only program designers understand, or just die-hard gamers will appreciate the content; In addition, we also are not those unchanging prescriptive advice or Article sexual, we pay attention to these changes or things change or not the same things new.

We focus on complete, do not pass any important history; We also pay attention to efficiency, the big news of product at the time were reports of minutes, not hours computer; We also pay attention to travel the readiness of the title is clear and do not break the details. Finally, we hope to have links with the history in the satisfaction of harvesting occupied among the readers of the reading experience, as well as Item must be written in a nice, clean, concise and comprehensive advertising, and the right place attached link.

New publishers means; First, can Techmeme made headlines in the articles, including the following categories:

1. Wonderful great new exclusive: news content has great importance, the text was brief and without omissions, in the face to all readers, and add to the concise and do not break the track details. This history is still able to move Techmeme, it’s not a surprise.

2. Very exciting, but not exclusive big news: Sometimes large new soon appeared on the website much press as some press release the company. For the same event, Techmeme usually only choose a story, so it should be the best. Clear title, reported colon is full; Background and introduction, correlation analysis and image is also a bonus. The crash time is also very important: we hope that we can quickly issued great news, if consumed too much time will miss the chance. But the first article of the hair will not necessarily be used, if the article earlier, but write very bad, it’s not good.

3. Although not new (so) great, but very interesting.: Even if your news is not very catchy, but if it quite interesting, and can move Techmeme. If it meets our goal (see above), and our crawl can be automatic and / or our editorial found that “list” of most likely. How to increase the possibility of us found? First, to suggest that people will link to science and technology blog, especially those who often TechMeme link between technology blog.Second, when everyone is on the link to Twitter, can add “Tip @ Techmeme” send Techmeme to give warning. Above two types of skills can help Techmeme is that it has never tie or take a blog or website. Links and Twitter recall applies to the 1, 2 on two kinds of news, but for new greater influence. Understand that Techmeme favored by the type of Article after that, we just saw “good approach” and “bad practices”.

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