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By Urvi Tandon

A cursory glance at the Tech List from TIME that has been put out would include some of the following, if not all, as ‘top ten’. It’s an interesting list and is open to much debate and exchange of views. Surveys throw up average ratings or mean statistics which are then compounded to make a list so every survey will read different from the other, but there are a few names which will most definitely be on every list .

Technology’s Top Ten

Here’s a probable Top Ten of the world’s technology .

1. Google Chromecast – Many companies are still trying to build devices but billed at the first one that got it right, this midget gizmo delivers more than it packs .

2. The more powerful and portable iPad Air is a lighter and more svelte packaging with longer battery life and benefits from Apple’s iPad optimized apps .

3. The Oculus Rift game development kit, reasonably priced and aimed for release in 2014, is a virtual game-changer. With an Android device, this hardware opens up a virtual 3D world of limitless imagination to the games that can be created .

4. The Pebble Smart Watch is a gizmo that acts as a satellite receiver for the iPhone or Android handset, receiving text notifications through Bluetooth; its usefulness as a tool for playing games or tracking fitness while on the move is hands-on. Besides telling the time, Smart Watches may be future tech rivals to Smartphones and Tablets .

5. Apple iPhone 5s beats all the others with two top Smartphone features – the touch ID sensor and the unique dual-LED camera flash that provides custom lighting for a breathtaking array of photos .

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6. Microsoft’s Xbox One functions way beyond aspirations of just a game console; interfaces with Windows 8, built-in video calls on Skype and integrations with cable and satellite TV virtually makes it a living room PC. Avid followers of the Xbox One are keenly watching the fascinating possibilities it is throwing up .

7. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX – the third generation Kindle Tablets have been a hit from the day they came into the market. Simplifying mass volume of Amazon content whether audio, books, games, music or video there in the other ground breaking feature “Mayday” that gets you in touch with a live Amazon tech person who can offer real time tech support .






8. The carbon monoxide / smoke detector, Nest Protect from Silicon Valley’s Nest Labs, is a touch-screen thermostat that is web savvy. What makes it appealing is the absence of a siren or fire alarm; instead there is a pleasing and calm female voice that announces, “There’s smoke in the kitchen”. Of course, if its barbecue that’s on the dinner menu, just wave your hand to set it right !

9. The Leap Motion Controller, a USB accessory that can be plugged in on your PC or Mac, is a great motion sensor that detects hand movements to help play games or read your favorite online newspaper. Newer laptops are being integrated with this technology; HP’s Envy 17 may just be the first .

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10. Nokia Lumia 1020 – every Smartphone is dubbed a camera-phone, but Lumia is the new phone-camera. An astounding 41 megapixels resolution is packed into the oversized sensor can capture detailed snapshots without resulting in blobby messes; Android and iPhone fans grudgingly admit they cannot stop admiring this wonder baby .

It used to be said that ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach’, not anymore! That should now read as ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through technology’. If you are on the lookout for cool stuff for guys, you don’t have to look far. Use a list such as this to widen your search for cool gadgets for guys in your close circle of family or friends; of course, you may have to just loosen your purse strings a little more !










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