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By Doug Evans

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These secrets are normally exclusively for my coaching clients and I have never offered them before for free .

I want to share with you what I have discovered are the top reasons people do not achieve their goals .

Study these secrets. Don’t just read them once and stop there .

If you fully understand and carefully study these reasons, they will help you experience a breakthrough year .

I have been studying goals and the goal setting process for over ten years. I have been helping others for almost that long and have been teaching and consulting about goals for the past six or seven years .

I have seen people achieve mind blowing success and have seen many more people give up on their goals and continue to be in pain. Pain that could have been and should have been avoided .

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I have kept track of why people fail to achieve their goals. There are many reasons, but I have crammed and simplified the reasons people fail into just ten reasons. These reasons are very powerful for you to reflect on and understand .

Review these reasons many times until you are sure they are not reasons that are holding you back .

As these reasons help you, please contact me by email or phone and let me know of your breakthroughs. Please, don’t discount any ideas, thoughts, or insight you gain from reflecting on the reasons below. They are truly authentic and powerful. Here are the reasons you need to know and study :

Your goals are not yours – People all over the world adopt goals that others force or influence on them. Mom always wanted you to be a doctor. Your wife wants you to change jobs. Society says you need a bigger house and fancier car. The big, big question is what do you want? What is deep down in your heart? Until you find this, your goals are not authentic. You will not be at peace. You will struggle and your “adopted” goals are doomed to failure .

You really don’t care – You have goals that you “kinda sorta” want, know maybe you should have, but have never bought into in your heart. This is what I call a “wish list”. I want it but I will not take action or work for it .

You have no idea why – You are chasing this goal, you have identified it pretty well but have no idea why it is a goal. To achieve a goal you need to know why you are chasing it. If you don’t, you’ll lose motivation very, very quickly. If you are looking to make more money, why? Will it give you a better life style you desire? Will you be able to buy that new dream house? You get the idea. Spend time on the “why” and dig deep. The why is often not the first or second thing that comes to mind as you do some serious reflecting ?

You have too many goals – Too many goals leaves you scattered. You chase one goal for a day or week and then another and another. You need to have laser focus to make a goal happen. Multiple goals are fine. I have goals in many aspects of my life (business, personal, family, spiritual, etc.) but you can only focus on one maybe two goals at a time and be effective .

You don’t review your goals – I can’t tell you the number of people who set some rock solid goals in early January who forgot most of them by March 1st. You need to review your goals every day and I mean every day! Post your goals on wall, the dashboard of your car, on the bathroom mirror. Wherever you can. I understand how privacy can be an issue but think where can you post your goals ??

You don’t believe your goals in your heart – You talk a good ballgame, you can recite your goals, you tell everyone the fantastic thing you have planned and will do but deep down you don’t believe them. In your heart you don’t think you have what it takes to achieve them. You know you have chased goals in the past and failed. Why should this time be different? You need to believe and have faith. If you believe in a higher power, trust that power and have faith you will achieve your goals. This is a process that you work on. It is not a snap your fingers and it is done. It is a very important step. Don’t discount faith in yourself !

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Low self-worth – Many people feel they are not worthy of their goals. They feel they are asking the universe to achieve too much. They feel they are not smart enough and not worthy to achieve their goals. I hear people tell me they don’t deserve success and on and on. You were born to achieve great things. You are worthy to achieve all your dreams and much, much more. You are a miracle .

No persistence – People give up just too damn easy and to soon. Excuse the language but many people need to WAKE UP! Persistence I know is one of my strengths and has saved my butt many, many times. My wife says I am stubborn. Persistence to me is stubbornness with a definite purpose. Stubborn-no way! Persistent-you bet !

Hang around dream stealers – Stay away or limit your time with toxic people. Some people hate seeing you succeed and enjoy life when they aren’t. They will live through you and do everything in their power to see you fail. This happens for many reasons. We don’t have time to discuss the twisted thought process they believe. We do have time to tell you to find positive, motivated, inspiring people to support you and your goals .

Try to do it all yourself – This was probably the toughest concept for me to accept. I had been burned, hurt, taken advantage of financially and emotionally too many times. I am a long way from naive and have a ton of common sense yet dishonest people are everywhere. I’m a big tough guy who thought he could do it all. I can’t and no one can. We all need help. Some is emotional support, some is special skills we don’t have, some is building a “team” that can often do exponentially more than just one tough person. Strategic planning often is an easier answer that will allow for quicker and more significant results .

Some of these reasons may be startling to you. Some may not. I think to most of you they will be very valuable. I use this information in my coaching and in my consulting daily. Your understanding of these reasons can have a tremendous impact on your life. Reflect on them, make the changes you must and then their magic will remove all your fears and doubts and let you live your life of dreams .

Having the right goals, the right plan and taking the proper action isn’t always easy. I have had a coach to help me for over 15 years. I have used ten different coaches to help me in the specific areas where I knew I needed some extra help. I have worked with people and companies in over 10 different countries .

If you are ready for a change in your life I know I can be a valuable addition to you or your team. Isn’t it time for you to actually deliver the promises you have been promising your spouse, your children or your employees for way too long ?

Contact me today, it’s time to take action like you never have before!

Coach Doug Evans, http://discoveryourmissingpower.com

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