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By Irida Sangemino
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Expert Author Irida Sangemino

Many people see the writing on the wall. Their earnings have gone down due to income tax increases or work hour cut-backs, and they are unable to live the comfortable life they once were used to. A trip to the grocery store is depressing. Prices increase almost every week, and it is nearly impossible to keep nutritious food on the table. The cost of fresh produce and fruit borders on insanity. Despite all that gloom and doom, there are things families can do to survive troubled economic times .

1. Shop the Food Sales

Everyone today has a chance to find good deals. Even if you do not get weekly flyers in the mail, you can still find out which items are on sale. Most grocery stores have recognized the importance of connecting with their customers. They create websites on which they offer valuable information about the company, as well as popular products. Look for those web pages that focus on weekly ads and coupons. Ask your friends and family to call when they see an item you desperately need. They are probably eager to help, because they may be in the same boat as you .

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2. Grow Your Own Food

It is amazing how creative some people get when they are in a pinch. There are many excellent ideas floating around to produce food at home, even if you do not have room for a garden. Here are some examples :

• Grow herbs in planters
• Keep tomatoes and peppers in pots on balconies and decks
• Use garbage cans to grow potatoes
• Sprout seeds for salads in a mason jar on the kitchen counter
• Raise quail in cages in a shed or garage for fresh eggs and meat.

Even if you have absolutely no space to grow or cultivate anything, ask your friends and family if you can lease a little patch in their backyard. Most of the time, they will not even charge you, as they want to help .

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3. Stock Up

The idea of buying extra food when you barely can make ends meet seems crazy. However, when you really think about it, the idea makes sense. Look upon it as an investment. Buy two jars instead of one when your favorite spaghetti sauce is on sale. Use that extra container next week when the sale is over. Do this with a few items every week, and you will be surprised to see how much you are saving. Use coupons to bring the price down even more. By stocking up, you are also preparing for emergency situations. Just think of all those people stranded at home during a bad storm. Many have very little to eat. By keeping food in your pantry, you can prevent your family from going hungry. Many government agencies recommend that you have at least three weeks worth of food in the house. Do not forget to stock up on water either, for your family, as well as your pets .

Since 2008, Irida Sangemino has earned a living as a professional SEO content and website writer, blogger, and PR specialist with international ties. She has enjoys research and writing about a wide range of topics. Contact: .

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