Top Advice For First Time Home Buyers

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By Irfan Choudhury
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Expert Author Irfan Choudhury

Everybody dreams to own a house. Owning a house is in fact considered to be a lifetime achievement. So, one should play caution before buying a home because, the total process of purchasing a home can be very exhausting. If one is not sure of what they want exactly, then it may prove to be a problem in future.

Be prepared and plan well before buying a house. It will ensure you of a hassle free time during your purchase of the house. To start with, your first step in buying a house should start by going through the numerous mortgage plans offered by the banks and other lenders. These mortgage plans are needed to be understood well and you should be in a position to find out a few plans that are suitable for you.

Some of the popular mortgage plans available are the Thirty-year plan, Fifteen-year plan and the ARM. In the Thirty-year program the borrower has to make 360 equal payments, the monthly payment consists of the monthly interest and a part of the principal. This is the most beloved and approved loan program.

In the fifteen-year program, the borrower is expected to make 180 equal payments; the monthly payment consists of interest and principal. Adjustable rate loan program: the interest rate is adjustable, the interest rate is low initially and is expected to increase after a predestined period of time, this loan is sanctioned to people who are certain of increase in their income.

There are lot of factors that should be considered before applying for a home loan, some of the substantial, factors that should be considered before applying a loan are the initial down payment, the monthly income, the debt to income ratio, credit scores etc. it is always advisable to consult a financial expert. Some times financial details will get you discombobulated and annoyed, the financial experts can help you out with financial details and an agent will give you details about the presence of schools, traffic volume etc in the locality.

Apart from taking advice from agents and financial experts, refer to a local newspaper or a tabloid for classifieds to get an idea about the range of prices in different localities and you can avoid roaming in the locality searching for a house that suits you budget.

You are expected to make three payments to buy a house, earnest money, down payment and closing costs. Earnest money is the money to be paid with the offer, which indicated that the buyer is serious about the deal. Down payment, a percentage of the cost of the home should b paid before getting a loan. Closing costs involve the miscellaneous fees, stamp fees, processing fees and fees for the paper work.

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