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By Emily J Jayden
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Expert Author Emily J Jayden

One thing is for sure when it comes to reviews; they are not always pleasant. There is always the chance that there is a severely displeased customer who just did not like the product. Then again, chances still are that you will find very satisfied customers for your products and services as well. So, how does a business depend on reviews about products? Simple, by taking the good along with the bad! A business can benefit greatly from good reviews, but the bad ones about a company are not entirely bad. They do the business and the customers a whole lot of good too. Here is how :

Easy time for consumers

While many business owners will not directly see how this is a good thing for them, it is very important and very beneficial when the customers have an easy time shopping for products and services they need. Reviews act as convenient and easy to read summaries about some item someone is looking for. Your customers are not interested in an entire tutorial about why they should buy from you. Simply let your product users post their comments online on your website and the deal is as good as sealed. Customers looking for your product only have to skim through a few reviews before making a quick but informed purchase .

Attracting new customers

Reviews are usually written online either on the company’s website or on sites that are specialized in consumer responses. Allowing buyers to write about their experiences may sound like a risky venture, but this is not entirely true. Consumers are very honest when writing their experiences, because they have the freedom to express their genuine opinions. While one customer may express dissatisfaction, another may find that to be an appealing factor. For example, a review about a hotel may say that the hotel had very strict meal times. An individual who loves to be time conscious may find this quite admirable and become a new customer for the hotel. Also, reviews written online can attract prospects who are searching for related products .

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Creating an online presence

Product reviews benefit businesses in several ways, but perhaps the most important of these is creating an overwhelming presence online. In today’s competitive world, it is quite difficult to get consumers to your dock if you do not have a convincing presence online. Whenever something is written and a product name is mentioned, Google and other search engines automatically pick up on the keyword(s). The more times the keyword appears, the better it ranks on the search engines. Customers have faith in high ranking products and so this works to the advantage of the business owner. A strong online presence also allows a business owner to manipulate the dynamics of such facilities as social media forums to act as marketing platforms. It is also on such sites that some consumers leave their reviews on various products and services .

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